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Extrusion Processing for Value-Added Production of Food and Feed

Adedeji, Akinbode
University of Kentucky
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Expand the Food Engineering laboratory capacity at University of Kentucky through procurement of a lab-scale extruder. Develop studies on influence of extrusion variables on physicochemical characteristics, bioavailability of nutrients and destruction of antinutritional factors in foods from gluten-free cereals like millet. Determine the effects of extrusion conditions on feeds, their nutrients digestion and utilization in non-ruminant animals. Integrate the extruder into the education and outreach programs at University of Kentucky e.g. student labs and 4-H workshops.
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Extrusion is a very versatile process that combines several unit operations (mixing, cooking, sterilization and shaping) in one and it has wide application in the food and feed industries. Access to a lab-scale extruder will contribute significantly to teaching, research and extension activities here at University of Kentucky. The equipment will serve faculty across two colleges (College of Food, Agriculture and Environment and College of Engineering) and it will help kick-start research and extension programs of several junior faculty. With procurement of an extruder, studies will be conducted on how biopolymer (agricultural materials of plant and animal origin like grains, starch, fat, chemical, etc.) conversion (gelatinization, dextrinization and denaturation) influences bioavailability of nutrients and destruction of antinutritional factors in ingredients like cereals. We will also research development of new and value-added products from various ingredients for human food application and animal feed that will lead to profitability for all stakeholders involved in the ingredient production and processing, and product sale. With an extruder, we are positioned to impact the agro-production and food processing industries in Kentucky and nationally, provide training to our students at every level on extrusion, and use extrusion demonstration to create awareness and interest in STEM programs in Kentucky.
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Nat'l. Inst. of Food and Agriculture
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