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Field Evaluation of Biocontrol Agent and Novel Application of Antimicrobial Edible Film in Postharvest Storage for Reducing Aflatoxin in Food

Hua, S.
University of California - Davis
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Test new yeast strains for efficacy to control Aspergillus flavus; Explore the potential of Antibiotic edible films in nuts for storage fungal control: Test the potential of newly discovered A. flavus strains (with deletion in aflatoxin biosynthetic genes) for control of toxigenic A. flavus.

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Yeast bicontrol experiments will be conducted in greenhouse/field environments using Kerman pistachio. Nuts will be wounded and sprayed with yeast suspension. The efficacy for controlling ; Antimicrobial edible films is a new research area with considerable potential to prevent fungal growtht in both fresh stored fruits and stored nuts. It is expected that methodologies for application will be developed. Access to the University of California Davis (UC Davis), postharvest facilities will be arranged will be evaluated. Newly discovered strains will tested for its potential to displace toxigenic A. flavus in orchards. The research will be done initially in the lab with later work to use the grain distribution system for field evaluation. Facilities at Winters can be used for the field tests.

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Agricultural Research Service
ARS (NP108)
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Nuts, Seeds