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Food Forum

Baer D J; Fukagawa N K
National Academy of Science
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This agreement will facilitate a number of interactions with science and technology leaders in the food industry, government administrators in the United States and Canada, representatives of consumer interest groups, and academicians. They will meet regularly on neutral ground to identify and discuss contemporary issues of mutual interest and concern related to nutrition science, food science, and food safety and health consequences. Such interactions may take the form of discussion groups, formal meetings, workshops, and symposia. These activities will be planned in accordance with the institutional policies of the National Academies using the Food Forum. The Food Forum can use authored background papers and or workshops to help inform these discussions. Workshops will be organized by a planning committee that includes Forum members and representatives of participating agencies including BHNRC. Overall, this will provide an exceptional venue to interact with multiple sectors of society to learn about research needs and its long term health implications.
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Agricultural Research Service
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Bacterial Pathogens
Natural Toxins