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Food Hygiene Rating Scheme – Biannual Consumer Attitudes Tracker (Wave 2)

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"This piece of work consisted of face to face interviews with a representative sample of 2,073 respondents (aged 16 and over). Respondents were selected using a random location sampling method across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The questions primarily focus on the following key areas; Awareness of the scheme; the proportion of respondents who report being aware of the FHRS Recognition of the scheme; the proportion of respondents who recognize the FHRS sticker, or who had seen a food business displaying one in the past year Usage of the scheme; the proportion of respondents who report using the scheme to base their decision on where to eat out or purchase food from. Views on the scheme; An example being the proportion of respondents who believe food businesses should be legally required to display their rating."

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Food Standards Agency
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Food Preparation and Handling
Natural Toxins
Viruses and Prions
Bacterial Pathogens
Chemical Contaminants
Legislation and Regulations
Food Defense and Integrity