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Food Protection Task Force (fptf) and Integrated Food Safety System (ifss) Program

Gibson, Arian
DC Department of Health
Start date
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Food Protection Task Force (FPTF) and Integrated Food Safety System (IFSS) Project GrantProgram (R18) The District of Columbia Department of Health Health Regulation and Licensing AdministrationFood Safety and Hygiene Inspection Services DivisionFood Safety and Defense Advisory Committee Principal Investigator: Mr. Arian Gibson 899 North Capitol Street, NE Washington, DC 20002 Phone: (202)442-9005 Fax: (202)535-1359Email: Website: http: www.doh.dc.govCongressional District: DC-0 Represented by Hon. Eleanor Holmes NortonProject Start Date: June 30, 2017 Project End Date: August 30, 2019Project AbstractIn an effort to reduce the incidence of food borne illness in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, theFood Safety and Defense Advisory Committee (FSDAC) was formed. The Committee is comprised ofmembers from local, state, and federal level government agency representatives, industryrepresentatives, and academia. To support the efforts and successful initiatives of this committee, theFSDAC seeks funding from the U. S. Food and Drug Administration in the amount of $20,000Through the Annual Food Safety and Defense Conference, regular membership meetings, surveying theneeds within the overall community, and community outreach, the FSDAC will work to bridge the gap ofknowledge between industry and government regulations, work to change behaviors in a positivedirection, and build a strong foundation for future community leaders in the area of food safety anddefense.The Food Protection Task Force and Integrated Food Safety System Project Grant Award will allow theFSDAC to strengthen and continue to pursue its outreach and educational programs, collaborativeefforts, and reach the goal of having a more integrated food safety system. This program will benefit thecommunity as a whole.
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Food and Drug Administration
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