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Hyperspectral Imaging Technique for Inspection of Poultry Carcasses

Lawrence, Kurt; Windham, William
Tulane University
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  1. To evaluate the feasibility of imaging and other related technologies for the identification of surface contamination on poultry carcasses and processed meat.
  2. Determine optimal spectral regions and data preprocessing treatments for imaging contaminated meat.
  3. Develop algorithms to identify the site and type of contamination.
  4. Develop a real time on-line system for contaminate identification in the processing plant.
More information
A real-time on-line imaging system will be developed to detect contamination of poultry ingesta, feces, and other surface contaminates on poultry carcasses and processed meats. Visible and/or NIR spectroscopy will be evaluated with diode array technology using multi-spectral imaging techniques and with two-dimensional images using hyperspectral imaging techniques to determine the optimum operating wavelengths and conditions.Once the optimum technique and spectral region for identifying the contaminates are determined, algorithms will be developed to classify the type and location of the contaminate in real time. The system will then be calibrated and validated for carcass contamination in a processing-plant environment at line speeds. Cooperation will be established with FSIS personnel and processing plant management to ensure the technology meets their needs and standards.
Funding Source
Agricultural Research Service
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