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I-Corps: Biosensor Based On Chemically Woven Hydrogel

Luk, Yan-Yeung
Syracuse University
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This project develops new diagnostic and toxin detection products based on biosensing mechanisms developed by extensive previous NSF support. The bio-sensing mechanisms incorporated in the sensors are based on protein-laden chemically woven hydrogels and are broadly applicable to aqueous borne toxins. The project will focus on transforming fundamental science into practical technologies that are driven and defined by the opportunities in multiple markets including disease diagnostics, physician office laboratories, research facilities, agriculture management, veterinary medicine, food processing and quality control, allergen management, home health care, and nursing homes / long term care facilities. As conventional biosensors rely on the associative binding between proteins (antigens and antibodies), this project develops sensors based on the dissociation and displacement of protein binding partners. This fundamental difference, and the new knowledge mentioned above, will enhance science and technology at the conceptual level in addition to improving the quality of current sensor technology, and thus likely change the landscape of research in sensor development. The sensor technology has the potential to benefit many segments of society, including rapid detection of infectious diseases, accurate and fast assessment of drinking water quality, and preparedness for emergency response and combating other threats. Nascent and emerging market opportunities enabled by this technology for personal health care will also be explored.

Funding Source
United States Nat'l. Science Fndn.
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Food Allergens
Microbial Genetics
Chemical Contaminants
Food Safety Modernization Act