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Identification, Assessment, and Delivery of Antimicrobial Compounds For The Management of Citrus Huanglongbing (hlb)

Duan Y; Ancona V
Texas A&M University
Start date
End date
1) Perform a high throughput screening of small molecules in order to identify those effective against HLB via our newly developed pipeline in an effort to define novel effective chemicals that are worth pursing in future field trials. 2) Determine the optimum application times and effective dosages of select antimicrobials through the completion of a field evaluation study composed of three chemotherapy compounds and their respective control treatments. 3) Evaluate the fruit quality and quantity post treatment and perform a chemical residue analysis. 4) Evaluate the economic viability and performance of the treatments in the field study. 5) Inform stakeholders of the project's results and provide actionable recommendations for HLB therapy with cost effective protocols.
Funding Source
Agricultural Research Service
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Antimicrobial Resistance
Chemical Contaminants
Bacterial Pathogens