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To identify quorum inhibitor based anti-biofilm molecules for developing new generation membrane-biofilm cleaners for the dairy industry

Anand, Sanjeev
South Dakota State University
Start date
End date
  1. Characterize the aggregation and colonization properties of the constitutive microflora of dairy separation membrane biofilms
  2. Detect antagonist microorganisms and production of inhibitory substances

Current methods for controlling microbial biofilms on dairy separation membranes during long filtration runs use multistep acid and alkaline base cleaners and sanitizers that largely prove ineffective. These separation membranes are very resilient and difficult to clean so they need frequent replacements, which leads to economic losses. ln addition, these biofilms are a constant source of microbial cross contamination that raises product quality and safety concerns. This study will identify novel anti-biofilm agents based on quorum inhibition principles that will lead to the development of new generation cleaners to more effectively control the resilient biofilm formation on dairy separation membranes.

Funding Source
Nat'l. Dairy Council
Bacterial Pathogens
Prevention and Control