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Implementation of the Animal Feed Regulatory Program Standards

Tipton, Andy
Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries
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Funding Opportunity ? RFA-FD-19-021: Implementation of the Animal FeedRegulatory Program StandardsApplicant: State of Alabama, Department of Agriculture and Industries,Agricultural Compliance SectionAs with other state animal feed programs, ours is not a revenue generating program.To that end it makes it difficult to have the needed funds appropriated to our program forimprovements in equipment and technology.This funding opportunity will allow us to achieve the feed standards, and to makesignificant improvements to our program with the purchase of new equipment andtechnologies not only for the program but also for our testing laboratory. Thisopportunity will also afford us the potential to update and, in some cases, replaceequipment to improve the effectiveness of our sample collection, storing, transportingand analytical abilities. Accordingly; we will be able to maintain programmaticimprovements for years to come that will help ensure the safety and integrity of the U.S.animal feed supply.Our program will utilize specific members of our staff to develop and execute a plan toestablish and become compliant with two standards each year until all standards arefully implemented. Concurrently our testing laboratory will be taking all necessary stepsfulfilling Standard 10 and becoming ISO/IED 17025:2005 certified. Standard OperatingProcedures (SOP) will be developed in every area where they would be appropriate toaddress all aspects of the program.This program has been and will continue to be a participant in the Animal FeedContract. We have been able participate in some training opportunities and to attendthe AFRP's Face to Face Meetings.Currently our staff consists of a division director, eleven Agricultural Compliancestaffers, which includes eight inspectors a program manager and two office staff, fivetesting laboratory staff and two registration staff.We will be assigning certain task to the following: The division director, programmanager, field inspector supervisor, testing laboratory director, testing laboratory qualitycontrol director and an office assistant.
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Food and Drug Administration
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