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Implementation of The Animal Feed Regulatory Program Standards (afrps) and Iso 17025:2005 Laboratory Accreditation

Luebbe, Kelsey
Nebraska Department of Agriculture
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Abstract for RFA-FD-15-021: Implementation of the Animal Feed RegulatoryProgram Standards (AFRPS) (U18)Submitting Agency:Nebraska Department of Agriculture301 Centennial Mall SouthLincoln, NE 68509The Nebraska Department of Agriculture (NDA), including the Commercial FeedProgram and the Feed, Fertilizer, and Agricultural Lime Laboratory (FFAL), is eager toparticipate in RFA-FD-15-021 Competition C, Implementation of the Animal FeedRegulatory Program Standards. We are looking forward to reaching significant to fullimplementation of AFRPS and to achieving ISO 17025:2005 laboratory accreditation, asthis will more closely align the NDA with federal and state efforts. This application willdescribe the suitability of our Commercial Feed Program and laboratory capabilities in adetailed five year plan to achieve these overarching goals. We are confident that thevast history of cooperation with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and thedetailed proposal, will demonstrate how NDA is well positioned to provide the servicesrequested to implement AFRPS and develop a national Integrated Food Safety System(IFSS). Key personnel and administrative support, as described in our FDABiosketches, indicate our robust qualifications and demonstrate our abilities anddetermination for success.
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Food and Drug Administration
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