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Improved Management of Aflatoxin Contamination with Atoxigenic Strains of Aspergillus Flavus in Arizona and South Texas

University of Arizona
USDA - Agricultural Research Service
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The objectives of this cooperative research project are to assist continued development of techniques to manage aflatoxins with biological control methods and to improve understanding of the epidemiology of aflatoxin contamination through the use of geostatistical methods, the development of predictive models, and studies of the population biology of Aspergillus flavus, and thereby provide insights useful in the management of aflatoxin contamination.
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Approach: In consultation with both Arizona and Texas growers and gins, development of an area-wide aflatoxin elimination program based on atoxigenic strain technologies will be continued. Parameters influencing stability and persistence of applied atoxigenic strain products in agricultural fields will be determined and improved application methods and formulations will be sought. Geostatistical methods will be used to assess the distribution of aflatoxin contamination, and combined with regression analysis, to develop models predictive of contamination.
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Agricultural Research Service
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