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Induction Program For North Dakota Fanh Teachers

Borr, M.
North Dakota State University
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The purpose of this program is toestablisha structured, long-term professional development in-service to North Dakota's secondary food, agricultural, natural resources, and human (FANH) sciencesteachers in their induction years (1-3), with the overarching goal ofimproving the long term retention and success of our FANH teachers, thusstrengthening the agricultural, food safety, health, and nutrition education in our schools.Presently, withinNorth Dakotanearly 15% of FANH teachers are in their induction years.Roughly 20% of FANH teaching positions across North Dakota open annually due to myriad attrition explanations. With many FAHN teachers retiring each year, it is important that induction teachers quickly gain and utilize leadership skills and fill leadership positions in state organizations left open by retiring teachers. We want to minimize the number of new teachers leaving the profession annually. Objectives and actions:1. Provide professionally relevant programming for all FANH teachers in their induction years.Address theuniquedemands onCTE teachers regardingplanning, preparation, and conceptualization as teachers and target those needs.Design the development programto reflectthe classrooms and activities of the induction teachers to include real problems teachers face within their first years.Maintain ahands-on,content-focused approachto development activitiesin order toprovide coherence with daily classroom needs and encourage immediate action within the professional development environment.2. Create a venue for teacher retention within FANH areas.Develop collaborative relationships between all induction teachers of FANH areas in North Dakota, building community among professionals.Establish mentoring relationships for induction teachers within the schools and content areas.Support continual professional improvement and leadership development across induction years and beyond.3. Guide teachers throughstrategies toadvancefood education within existing secondary classroomsandenhance their students' outcomes.Teachers will develop plans and strategies to accomplish tasks crucial to successful secondary FANH programs.Teachers will solve problems encountered by secondary FANH teachers.Teachers will enhance technical knowledge and skills within FANH content areas.Teachers will incorporate leadership education into the classroom and throughrelated Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs).Teachers will develop effective strategies for incorporating CTSOs and activities within the curriculum.Teacherswill develop content area and STEM-aligned curriculum which addresses the safe and practicable production and handling of food products along the chain from the producer to the consumer.
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Nat'l. Inst. of Food and Agriculture
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