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Inhibition of Tree Nut Contamination by Aflatoxins and Related Mycotoxins Using Natural Products

Molyneux, Russell
USDA - Agricultural Research Service
Start date
End date
Reduce aflatoxin and other mycotoxin contamination of tree nuts (almonds, pistachios and walnuts) by identifying natural constituents or biocompetitive organisms that inhibit growth of fungi and aflatoxin production.
More information
Identify the natural constituents responsible for resistance of certain varieties of tree nuts to growth of aflatoxigenic strains of aspergillus. Isolate and identify novel metabolites in sclerotia of Aspergillus and develop analytical methods for such compounds in order to assess exposure levels of tree nut orchards to the fungus. Identify and develop methods to inhibit production of mycotoxins of phytopathogenic fungi endemic to orchards which debilitate tree nuts and exacerbate infection by Aspergillus. Identify biocompetitive micro organisms which suppress growth of Aspergillus and aflatoxin formation.

Formerly 5325-42000-026-00D (12/00).

Funding Source
Agricultural Research Service
Project number
Natural Toxins
Bacterial Pathogens
Nuts, Seeds