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International Workshop on the Nexus of Food, Energy, Water and Soil

Zhuang, Jie
University of Tennessee
Start date
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Food production is closely linked to energy consumption, water/soil resources, and ecosystem conditions. This workshop aims to develop an integrative research, education, and industry agenda for securing food production, producing clean energy, protecting water resources, and improving soil productivity while developing economy and social wellbeing. Conference sessions and panel discussions will address important issues from an international perspective.

Specific workshop topics include: (1) Food Security and Safety - The workshop will overview the existing problems and potential risks associated with food production in terms of the demands of food quantity and quality. New methods of characterizing the cycling processes of matter and energy in agroecosystems will be discussed; (2) Energy Efficiency and Impact - Workshop participants will discuss specific technologies and policies that offer the greatest possibility of high efficient utilization of fossil fuels and renewable energy resources including biomass and water. The workshop is expected to create international joint research teams to further investigate these issues from life cycle and multi-dimensional perspectives; (3) Water Efficiency and Recycling - Workshop participants will exchange technologies and perspectives on water-saving agriculture and wastewater utilization. In particular, urban storm water management will be addressed; (4) Soil Productivity and Remediation - The workshop will address the latest approaches to promoting soil fertility and productivity and safe use of contaminated arable lands for food or non-food purposes. A joint team is expected to be establish for developing modeling tools that could predict threshold values of contaminants (especially heavy metals) for ensuring food quality and ecosystem health.

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United States Nat'l. Science Fndn.
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Food Defense and Integrity