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Investigating Mechanism-based Strategies Against Trichothecenes and Environmental Toxins

Lee, S.
Rutgers University
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There are twoprimary goals, research and professional development, in this project. First major goal is toidentify critical components of mitochondrial signaling in response to trichothecene-mediated oxidative stress. The project aims to discover the role of lipid and lipid signaling in trichothecene toxicity and provide new ways to quantify mitophagy. Accordingly, the project will address the following objectives:1) Determine the role of lipid signaling in trichothecene-induced mitochondrial fragmentation and mitophagy.2) Determine the role of sphingolipid signaling in trichothecene-induced mitophagy.3) Validate trichothecene-induced mitochondria fragmentation in mammalian cell.Second goal is the professional training and career development of the NIFA postdoctoral fellow. Accordingly, the following objectives are:1) Develop technicalexpertise and knowledge in molecular and biotechnology and toxin mechanism studies including imaging and analysis, flow cytometry, LC-MS/MS, transformation technologies, etc.2) Advance teaching competencies by developing a course focused on science related to postdoctoral fellow's expertisesuch as plant biology, pathology,and microbiologyand/or scientific communication skill development such as grantsmanship.3) Obtain research independence through publications and generating new grant proposals.4) Leadership and communication skill development through outreach activities such as presentation of research at scientific meetings, guest lectures, publications (formal and informal), and student mentoring in aspects of scientific research and grant writing.
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Nat'l. Inst. of Food and Agriculture
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Natural Toxins
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