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Iowa Flexible Funding Model Application

Boyd, Michelle L.
Iowa State Department of Inspections and Appeals
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Project AbstractThis cooperative agreement is intended to support the Manufactured Food Regulatory ProgramStandards (MFRPS), Rapid Response Team (RRT), and Food Protection Task Force (FPTF) Program, as wellas a Special Project supporting MFRPS. The intended outcome of this FOA is to advance efforts for anationally integrated food safety system (IFSS) by assisting state programs in maintaining conformancewith the MFRPS, supporting a Food Protection Task Force, and enhancing an integrated food safetysystem by further coordinating resources between the FDA and State for special projects.The Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals (DIA), Food and Consumer Safety Bureau licenses andinspects approximately 501 food manufacturing facilities, 555 food warehousing facilities, and 22,000retail food establishments including restaurants and grocery stores. DIA has dedicated ManufacturedFoods Program responsible for manufactured food licensing, compliance, and inspection activities. TheMFRPS will have a dedicated person to lead all standard?s activities.The DIA, as part of this application, will maintain an all-hazards human and animal food (HAF) programthat will collaborate with other RRTs and FDA. The mission of the RRT will be to effectively respond toHAF incidents and support all objectives of the 5 Year Plan. In addition, DIA will retain a FPTF where allkey food safety stakeholders can hold a forum to share information and promote integration throughcollaboration. Furthermore, DIA will complete a special project that creates mutual reliance with FDA insupport of MFRPS.
Funding Source
Food and Drug Administration
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