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Iron Responsive Gene Regulation in Campylobacter

Institute of Food Research, UK
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Iron is an essential nutrient for all organisms and it plays a central role in metabolism, oxidative stress defence and global gene regulation. In Campylobacter, we need to understand the mechanisms of the iron-responsive Fur and PerR regulatory system and the role that iron plays in colonisation and virulence. The Fur-PerR system is an excellent model system to use to investigate regulatory networks in C. jejuni and one to which molecular genetic, bioinformatics and functional genomic tools can be applied.

The aims of the project are to fully characterise iron- responsive gene regulation in Campylobacter and the promoter elements involved with a view to establishing knowledge led strategies for the control or eradication of Campylobacter.

Funding Source
Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council
Project number
Bacterial Pathogens
Viruses and Prions