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Maintaining and Advancing The Kansas Department of Agriculture's Conformance With The Manufactured Food Regulatory Program Standards Through A Cooperative Agreement.

Moris, Steve
Kansas Department of Agriculture
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Project SummaryThe Kansas Department of Agriculture, Food Safety and Lodging Program (KDA-FSL) promotesfood safety by establishing food protection standards, investigating complaints, educating foodbusinesses and consumers, and licensing and inspecting food businesses. KDA-FSL has beenenrolled in the Manufactured Foods Regulatory Program Standards (MFRPS) since 2008.Continuing this cooperative agreement will allow our program to strive for full conformance ofthe 2016 MFRPS.With continued funding and support from the FDA, KDA-FSL will further enhance our policiesand procedures, document control software, learning management systems, and further theeducation of our inspection staff through FDA trainings. This cooperative agreement will alsosupport our continued involvement and participation in MFRPS events, conferences, meetings,and audits.Through routine self-assessment, quarterly MFRPS meetings, completion of mid-year andannual performance reports, and annually reviewing and updating our strategic plan, KDA-FSLwill be able to assess our progress and refocus our work as applicable, so that at the end of thiscooperative agreement, KDA-FSL will have reached significant conformance with the 2016MFRPS.Goals that our program has set for this cooperative agreement include: ? Develop and Maintain QualTRAX Document Control System ? Develop an Outreach Program for Standard 7 ? Enhance Standard 5 policy and procedures ? Further develop training policies and procedures ? Continue assessments of compliance and inspection reports ? Strive for significant conformance with the 2016 MFRPS
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Food and Drug Administration
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