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Maintenance and Enhancement of Iso/iec 17025 Accreditation and Whole Genome Sequencing For State Food Testing Laboratories; Competition A

Jackson, Brenda L
North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
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The Laboratory will maintain accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025 and enhance the chemicaland microbiological accreditation scopes. The Laboratory?s accreditation currentlyincludes 11 microbiological methods for food testing, 18 chemical methods for foodtesting, and flexible/technology-based accreditation for pesticide residues in food by GCand LC instruments with a variety of detectors. The Laboratory intends to expand itsaccreditation scope by adding heavy metals testing (arsenic and lead in candy, rice, riceproducts; metals in bottled water), additional microanalytical filth analyses, allergentesting, and Staphylococcus enterotoxin testing. The addition of heavy metals and allergentesting will increase the Laboratory?s capacity as these are tests not currently performedat NCDA&CS. The Laboratory and NC Food Program have a strong collaborativerelationship since they are housed within the same Division of the North CarolinaDepartment of Agriculture and Consumer Services. The Laboratory and Food Programwill continue to strengthen their partnership by collaborating on the Sample Collection andAnalysis Project included in this cooperative agreement. As the primary servicinglaboratory for the Food Program, enhancing the Laboratory?s scope offers increasedsupport to the Food Program?s ability to take regulatory action.Page 1 of 1
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Food and Drug Administration
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Heavy Metals
Chemical Contaminants