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Maintenance and Enhancement of Iso/iec Accreditation and Whole Genome Sequencing For State Food Testing Laboratories

Fedio, Willis M
New Mexico State University
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Project SummaryFrom 1999-2014, the Food Safety Laboratory (FSL), Center for Animal Health, and Food Safety at NewMexico State University (NMSU) has worked closely with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Officeof Field Science on a variety of food safety and defense assignments.The NMSU FSL was tasked by the FDA to evaluate, analyze and validate rapid test methods. We haveimproved many Bacteriological Analytical Manual (BAM) methods and provided validation data for rapidmethods that have been implemented by FDA Regional Laboratories. FDA has also distributedimprovements in analytical methods to Food Emergency Response Network (FERN) memberlaboratories.We are directly involved in many of the FERN mission objectives. We provide laboratory outreach withNew Mexico State University agricultural programs to growers and food processors. We havedemonstrated experience in method development and validation. Through the New Mexico CooperativeExtension Service Programs, we provide training to growers and food processors in food safety anddefense. We perform regular proficiency testing and validation with BAM and new rapid test methods.When requested, we participate in surveillance activities. We are a member of the Electronic LaboratoryExchange Network (eLEXNET) Program for electronic communications. In 2014, we joined the FDAWhole Genome Project and obtained an illumina MiSeq benchtop sequencer and supplies forsequencing from CFSAN. Over the last year or so, the FERN has been supplying us with reagents andpreventative maintenance support for the equipment (miSeq and QiaCUbe)The NMSU FSL plans to continue sequencing pathogenic microorganisms for the FDA through theGenomTrakr network and NCBI.As a GenomTrakr lab, we intend to continue to:1) Sequence 400 isolates/year2) Participate in proficiency tests and other FERN/FDA activities as requested3) Participate in GenomTrakr semiannual meetings
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Food and Drug Administration
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