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Measurement of H-ras Codon 61 CAA AAA Mutation in Mouse Liver DNAs using the MutEx/ACB-PCR Genotypic Selection

Parsons, Barbara
DHHS/FDA - National Center for Toxicological Research
Quantify somatic mutations in liver DNA of mice treated with 4-aminobiphenyl in order to establish and evaluate MutEx/ACB-PCR genotypic selection as an approach for human risk assessment. 2. Determine whether or not the MutEx/ACB-PCR genotypic selection is sensitive enough to measure the spontaneous frequencies of H-ras codon 61 CAA AAA mutation in three different mouse models: B6C3F1, C57BL/6, and the Pms2 mismatch repair-deficient, transgenic mouse.
Funding Source
Nat'l. Center For Toxicological Research
Project number
Sanitation and Quality Standards
Risk Assessment, Management, and Communication