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Method validation for the detection of aflatoxins in fish feed using the ROSA-M Charm reader

Murphy, Lisa
University of Pennsylvania
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PROJECT SUMMARY/ABSTRACTThe PADLS New Bolton Center Toxicology Laboratory proposes to expand the capacity for detection ofmycotoxins in animal feeds through the analysis of aflatoxins in fish feed using the hand-held CharmROSA-M reader. We have previously validated this qualitative rapid lateral-flow method for thedetection of aflatoxins in dog food as outlined in the Guidelines for the Validation of Chemical Methodsfor the FDA FVM Program, 2nd Edition.After completing the validation for aflatoxins in our laboratory, samples will be sent out for validation to3 other collaborating Vet-LIRN laboratories. Each collaborating Vet-LIRN laboratory will report theiranalytical results accompanied by any method modifications or analytical problems. The results will bestatistically evaluated and results from each laboratory will be evaluated for major discrepancies,displaced means, and any outlying values.Upon review of the data reported by the collaborating Vet-LIRN laboratories, a standardized methodstandard operating procedure (SOP) for the analysis of aflatoxins in fish feed using the Charm ROSA-Mreader will be prepared and submitted to the Vet-LIRN Program Office for review and eventual methodtransfer to other Vet-LIRN laboratories.
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Food and Drug Administration
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Natural Toxins