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Microbiological Survey of Minced Beef on Retail Sale in Scotland

SAC Commercial Ltd
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The primary objective of this project is to generate baseline data on the significant microbiological pathogens and hygiene indicator organisms present in beef mince on retail sale to the consumer in Scotland. A secondary objective is to analyse any patterns of variation (e.g. seasonal or geographical) to identify any risk factors associated with microbial contamination. Thirdly, the presence and significance of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) should be determined in any pathogens and a subset of 100 isolates of generic E. coli found. This will be done by undertaking a comprehensive survey of microbiological pathogens and hygiene indicator organisms in beef mince at retail across a range of geographic locations in Scotland over the course of 1 year. This should include surveying different premises (e.g. butchers, supermarkets), geographical locations and product ranges (e.g. value, premium) in order to represent what Scottish consumers are currently purchasing.
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Bacterial Pathogens