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Missouri Department of Agriculture's Implementation of The Animal Feed Regulatory Standards

Cook, Stanley Earl
Missouri Department of Agriculture
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Implementation of the Animal Feed Regulatory Program Standards (AFRPS) and theISO/OES 17025:2005 Accreditation of the Feed Control Laboratory in the MissouriDepartment of Agriculture, Bureau of Feed, Seed and Treated Timber.Since Missouri is home to a significant percentage of the nation's livestock and pet foodproduction, the regulation of feed is of vital importance for the protection of livestock feed andpet food consumers and producers. As evidenced by recent significant feed adulterationevents, feed is an important link to the human food supply and is therefore an important elementof the human food safety equation.The Bureau of Feed, Seed and Treated Timber (Bureau) has regulatory responsibility oflivestock feed and pet food sold, distributed and manufactured in Missouri. The Bureauoperates under the authority of the Director of the Missouri Department of Agriculture and withinthe Division of Plant Industries and also operates the Missouri Feed Control Laboratory (Lab).The Lab analyzes 5,000 surveillance feed samples annually. The feeds represented by thesesamples are produced both in Missouri and across the nation and are obtained by programinspectors on a weekly basis from retail, distribution and manufacturing firms.The Bureau considers the implementation of AFRPS as an important step in fulfilling its role asa crucial and significant partner with FDA in protection of this state's and our nation's foodsupply. The Bureau 's intent is to utilize cooperative grant funds to meet critical needs of theinspection program to realize full implementation of the Standards and the Laboratory goal toachieve ISO/OES 17025:2005 Accreditation within 5 years.The inspection program expects to utilize FDA Cooperative Grant funds to improve programcapability in four ways: based on proper risk analysis, increase inspector strength toappropriate levels, provide adequate training to inspectional personnel, disseminate informationand education to industry and acquire technology to improve program productivity andefficiency.The Lab will utilize FDA Cooperative Grant funds to expand the capacity of the national foodsafety system by achieving full ISO/OES 17025:2005 accreditation. Funds will be applied tothree areas of focus: increase lab personnel to ensure quality control and providedocumentation for accreditation, provide training of chemist and lab personnel, acquire softwareto improve productivity and efficiency. Grant funding of ISO Accreditation will allow expenditureof state funds to expand feed safety testing including micro-biological and heavy metaldetection, further increasing state and national capacity of feed and food protection.
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