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A Multistate Effort to Integrate and Expand Farmers Market Food Safety Materials Across The Southern Region to Increase Food Safety Culture

Boyer, Renee
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
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The overarching goal of this project is to reduce the incidence of foodborne-illness and provide a safer food supply by equipping market vendors, managers, and consumers with both scientifically-based and practical behaviors. We will create a "Farmers' Market Food Safety tool-kit" (FMFS tool-kit).Training utilizing the FMFS Tool-kitwill be delivered through extension specialists, extension Agents, Farmers Market Associations and volunteers. We hypothesize that a collaboration between key universities with input from stakeholders will result in the best materials developed for this audience. This project will allow us to improve upon the current curriculum, reach a larger audience and impact the public health of farmers' market patrons.
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Nat'l. Inst. of Food and Agriculture
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Food Defense and Integrity
Natural Toxins
Viruses and Prions
Bacterial Pathogens
Chemical Contaminants
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