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Mycotoxins, Biosecurity, Food Safety, and Biofuels Byproducts (NC129, NC1025)

Lawton, Michael A.
Rutgers University
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Objective 1: Develop data for use in risk assessment of mycotoxins in human and animal health.

Objective 2: Establish integrated strategies to manage and reduce mycotoxin contamination in cereals and in forages.

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The production of mycotoxins by mycotoxigenic fungi in grain and forage crops represents a continuing problem for agriculture, human and animal health and industrial applications, such as the production of biofuels. New methods to monitor, treat or prevent the occurrence of contaminated grain will benefit domestic consumers, and allow American commodities to compete more effectively in foreign markets. The specific goals of this project component are to identify novel targets for mycotoxins in plant and animal cells. Identification of targets in plants will guide strategies to enhance disease resistance to infection in grain crop, both pre- and post-harvest. Identification of cellular targets in C. elegans will help in the development of amelioration and preventative strategies for animals and humans exposed to these toxins. Reducing the incidence and impact of mycotoxins in grain crops will directly enhance animal and human health, assure food security and protect the integrity of US and international grain production and markets.
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Nat'l. Inst. of Food and Agriculture
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Food Defense and Integrity
Bacterial Pathogens