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A National Agricultural Program For Minor Use Animal Drugs

Vickroy, Tom
University of Florida
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  1. Identify the animal drug needs for minor species and minor uses in major species.
  2. Generate and disseminate data for the safe, effective, and legal use of drugs intended for use in minor animal species.
  3. Facilitate FDA/CVM approvals of drugs for minor species and minor uses.
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Organizational structure - NRSP-7 is composed of a Technical Committee and four Administrative Advisors representing state experiment station directors. These Administrative Advisors provide liaison among the directors of the state experiment stations, USDA/CSREES,FDA/CVM, various animal organizations, and others coordinating the efforts of this program.The organizational structure of the Minor Use Animal Drug program follows:

Administrative Advisory Committee:
The Administrative Advisory Committee is composed of one appointee by Experiment Station Directors from each of the four regions (North Central, Northeast, Southern, and Western). The chair of the committee is selected internally. The role of the Administrative Advisory Committeeis to provide liaison among the directors of the agricultural experiment stations in the fourregions, colleges of veterinary medicine, the USDA/CSREES, the FDA/CVM, various animal organizations, and with those coordinating the efforts of this program. This committee establishes and sets policy consistent with the mission of the project. This committee also advises on budget and administrative matters relating to the program.

Technical Committee:
The Technical Committee is composed of the following representatives:

  • National Animal Drug Coordinator (Chair)
  • Regional Animal Drug Coordinators representing each of the four regions(North Central, Northeast, Southern, and Western)
  • Administrative Advisory Committee Chair (non-voting)
  • USDA/CSREES Representative (non-voting)
  • FDA/CVM liaison to NRSP-7 (non-voting)

In addition to the above committee, the FDA/CVM has a group of Minor Use Animal Drug reviewers that meets with the Technical Committee generally once a year at the semi-annual meetings of the Technical Committee. This FDA/CVM group consists of representatives from the Division of Therapeutic Drugs for Food Animals, the Division of Human Food Safety, the Division of Production Drugs, and the Environmental Sciences Staff. The National Animal Drug Coordinator is salaried on a part-time basis and maintains an office. The Regional Animal Drug Coordinators are not compensated by salary except for secretarial or technical services.
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Nat'l. Inst. of Food and Agriculture
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