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Ncafdo Education Conference

Knopff, Kirsten
North Central ASSN/Food & Drug Officials
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Project Summary/AbstractThe objective of the Annual NCAFDO Education Conference is to provide a venue whereFederal, State, and Local Health Inspectors and program managers, industry leaders andacademia from across the region can interact and share ideas while receiving information oncurrent and emerging food and other public health topics impacting health and safety. Theagenda includes presentations that will give regulators an opportunity to hear a national andinternational perspective on these topics. The 2012 educational conference will be held at theHilton Minneapolis/St Paul Airport Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota from October16, 2012 to Oct 18, 2012. The number of participants is anticipated to be 150. The conferencedraws both U.S. and Canadian representatives of state, county, local and federal regulatoryagencies charged with public health and safety responsibilities, the regulated industries, anduniversity and research institution professionals.To our knowledge this is one of the most comprehensive and cost effective educationalopportunities that address the range of current issues facing state and local regulatory programs.NCAFDO maintains the cost of the conference as low as possible in an effort to allow access tothe conference from the widest range of participants. The conference will contribute to a moreeducated and informed regulatory community and this in turn will enhance public health bycontributing to a safer food supply. Further, it will assist with enhancing an integrated NationalFood Safety System with strengthened inspection, laboratory, and response capacity to buildupon all of the work currently being done by FDA and their regulatory and public health partnersat the federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial levels through active communication,coordination, and support.
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Food and Drug Administration
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Education and Training
Food Defense and Integrity