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Neural Tube Defects Workshop

Riley, Ronald
USDA - Agricultural Research Service
Georgia Tech Foundation, Inc
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The objective is to develop a better understanding of the possible connection between consumption of an important US crop and a devastating human disease.

Briefly, fumonisin, a common fungal contaminant of maize, is suspected to be a possible contributing factor to the high incidence of NTD in groups that consume large amounts of maize and have folate deficient diets. Understanding whether or not fumonisins are a contributing factor to the high incidence of NTD among Latino Americans is therefore of great importance.

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Approach: The approach is to conduct a workshop bringing together scientists and representatives of various funding agencies (NIH, NIEHS) and other government agencies (CDC, USDA) and non-governmental organizations and University scientists to discuss the role of fumonisins in neural tube defect causation and to develop strategies to continue studies and develop potential interventions.
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Agricultural Research Service
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Natural Toxins