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New Technologies to Improve Food Safety

Spanier, Arthur; Patel, Jitu; Solomon, Morse
USDA - Agricultural Research Service
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  1. Develop new technologies (e.g., pressure processing) that will improve (singularly or in combination) food safety of muscle foods.
  2. Monitor development and effects of potential microbial resistance and sublethal injury due to application of emerging postharvest technologies.
  3. Determine the mechanism(s) of food safety improvements associated with pressure treatments on muscle tissue.
  4. Support action/regulatory agencies on issues of food safety.
More information
Food safety applications initially involving hydrodynamic pressure technologies will be determined. Studies will then be conducted involving other emerging postharvest technologies for food safety (i.e., hydrostatic pressure, pulsed electric fields, antimicrobial ingredients) in conjunction with hydrodynamic pressure to assess their efficacy in reducing or eliminating pathogens, spoilage microorganisms and parasites. Research will be performed to determine microbial destruction mechanisms involved with these technologies for purposes of enhancing performance and commercialization. Preenrichment protocol will be developed for the simultaneous isolation of potentially injured foodborne pathogens resulting from meat treated with these postharvest technologies. Support will be provided to action/regulatory agencies as a result of studies involving development and testing of temperature indicating devices for processing, foodservice and consumer usage.
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Agricultural Research Service
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Natural Toxins
Bacterial Pathogens