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Novel Non-Thermal Treatments in Postharvest Processing of Food and Feed Commodities.

Moore, Janie
Texas A&M University
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ObjectivesResearch, education and extension activities will be carried out to accomplish the objectives listed below. This research is a fundamental investigation into the impact of novel non-thermal treatments on food and feed commodities in an effort to reduce losses due to microbial contamination and increase shelf life and quality.Short term: (1) Identify vulnerabilities in processing and storage facilities by using quantifiable and traceability systems; (2) develop a lab scale ACP and ozone treatment system focused on areas of vulnerability.Medium term: (1) Validate the treatment systems by using feed commodities and observe changes in the aflatoxin content levels; (2) write a standardized protocol that can allow for the methods to be repeated.Long term: (1) Determine the long-term cost analysis for preserving feed stock during postharvest storage; (2) through extension, develop workshops to bring together processors and scientists; (3) through education, develop teaching and research activities for undergraduate and graduate students in STEM fields interested in biosecurity networks, including underrepresented minorities.
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Nat'l. Inst. of Food and Agriculture
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Bacterial Pathogens