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Optimisation of the Photostimulated Luminescence Detection for Irradiated Dietary Supplements

Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre
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The contract took some time in specification and final placement. Once underway the initial review of existing data sets progressed rapidly and was informative. It took longer than originally anticipated to select sample matrices for study, and a revised schedule for the final stages of the work was agreed.

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Background: The work reported in this project represents an initial study of food supplements with a view to enhancing the performance of routine methods for detecting irradiated ingredients. Based on the published results of existing applications, which have been extremely successful in finding irradiated materials in the supply chain, PSL and TL methods are already effective means for detecting many of these products. The work conducted in this short project shows some of the ways in which the PSL method could be further improved to reduce non-detection probabilities for use in screening work.

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Food Standards Agency
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Food Defense and Integrity