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Process interventions for enhancing microbial quality, safety, and nutrition of dairy foods.

Anand, Sanjeev
South Dakota State University
Start date
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Goal 1: To improve microbial quality and shelf life of milk and dairy productsObjective 1.1: To understand sporulation behavior of common sporeformers during milk powder manufacture Objective 1.2: To apply non-thermal technologies, such as cavitation, to control common dairy sporeformersGoal 2. To improve microbial safety of dairy processesObjective 2.1: To control dairy pathogens such as Listeria by risk analysis, through response surface models.Goal 3. To develop novel dairy products containing probiotics.Objective 3.1: To develop a spray-dried health formulation based on whey protein hydrolysate and probiotics encapsulation.
Funding Source
Nat'l. Inst. of Food and Agriculture
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Risk Assessment, Management, and Communication