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Proposal for the Scottish Component of a UK-Wide Study to Describe Human Campylobacter Infection

Scottish Centre for Infection & Environmental Health
Start date
End date
To describe and compare the epidemiological features of cases of infection, and the microbiological features of isolates of campylobacter across the UK. Specifically:
  • To produce a representative sample of cases and organisms isoated throughout the UK
  • To provide a statistically valid sample of cases and organisms from which extrapolation of trends would be legitimate
  • To generate hypotheses for possible future detailed studies on specific food, environmental and cultural issues impacting on campylobacter epidemilology
  • To provide information to facilitate the development of a rational policy for the prevention of campylobacter infection throughout the UK
  • To provide information to facilitate the identification and control of local outbreaks
  • To comply with ACMSF recommendations
Project number
Policy and Planning