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Rapid Evidence Assessment: Risks to Human Health from Antimicrobial Resistance in the Water Environment

Harper Adams University College
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The aim of this REA is tol review evidence to respond to the following primary question:

What pathways are most responsible for disseminating ‘resistance’ from the aquatic environment into humans?

And the secondary questions:

  • What are the factors affecting the transmission of AMR and ARGs from the water environment into humans? E.g. exposure times and frequency, physical conditions in the environment, etc.
  • To what extent does the transfer of genes play a role in the spread of resistance and what are the implications of this to human health?
  • What evidence is there that exposure to the pathways (e.g. bathing or drinking water) is contributing to clinical infections that cannot be treated with existing antibiotics?
Funding Source
Dept. for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
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Bacterial Pathogens
Antimicrobial Resistance