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Research cooperation in assessment of microbiological hazard and risk in the food chain

National Veterinary Research Institute (PIWet)
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The main aim of MICRORISK is to establish the co-operation between the European Union (EU) and the third states in the area important from the public health point of view. The MICRORISK will provide the Ukrainian competent authorities the knowledge about the general principles of law and methods used for food examination at the EU and to implement it into the official food safety control process in Ukraine.The beneficiaries will have the opportunity to get know the Ukrainian situation concerning various aspects connected with food production for a better cooperation between the EU and outside the EU countries and for future harmonization of food law. Furthermore, the assessment of microbiological hazard and risk in the food chain in the EU and outside the EU countries will allow improve public safety in this area.The project will achieve these goals by the following steps:1. Analysis of the current food law at the different stages of food production chain (primary production, processing and marketing stages) existing in Ukraine and a possible implementation of the current EU food law into the Ukrainian microbiological food control process.2. Analysis and compare of methodology using for detection the most important food-borne pathogens in the EU and Ukrainian sides. Consider possible implementation and harmonization method used through both sides.3. Analysis of the prevalence of important microbiological hazard agents at different stages of food production chain in Ukraine basing on the existing microbiological data collection and food safety investigation resultThese activities will be performed by the series of common meetings, seminaries and exchange process of the representatives of competent authorities of the EU partners with the Urkrainian side. As the final result of the MICRORISK project will be implementation of the EU food law in Ukraine and the production of safe, high quality food to consumers at the national and EU levels.
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European Commission
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Bacterial Pathogens