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Review of Past and Current Research on Verocytotoxin Producing Escherichia coli (VTEC) in Relation to Public Health Protection.

Campden BRI
University of Manchester
HPA Manchester
HPA Colindale
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End date
This project will review past and current research on VTEC in relation to public health protection. It will identify gaps in current knowledge and enable future research to be more targeted and appropriate.

Information to help with future policy decisions on VTEC research and risk management will be provided. It will also assist the development of appropriate intervention strategies at all stages in the food chain.

More information
This study will obtain information from experts and published research to produce a concise up-to-date account of current knowledge concerning VTEC.

Whilst much of the past research has concentrated on VTEC O157, this review will include the wider picture by focussing on the VTEC group. This will include information on the epidemiology of these bacteria, established and putative virulence factors, and their potential risk to public health, as well as sources of contamination and infection from farm to fork.

Routes and vehicles of infection, including animals, water and food will be covered, along with developments in methods for the detection, isolation, confirmation and characterisation of VTEC.

Find more about this project and other FSA food safety-related projects at the Food Standards Agency Research webpage.

Funding Source
Food Standards Agency
Project number
Risk Assessment, Management, and Communication