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Risk Assessment for Transmission of Campylobacter to Broilers

Stern, Norman
University of Iceland
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Coordinate activities with Icelandic collaborators as specified in CSREES Project #0202316; conduct analysis of boriler product samples, media preparation and shipping of Campylobacter isolates to Athens; contribute to any adjustments in the sampling design of poultry flocks on an on-going basis during the project in consultation with the ADODR and project cooperators. Quantify levels of Campylobacter spp. on poultry distributed to the Icelandic population to obtain corresponding data on time-associated human disease. New money to determine the level of Campylobacter in processed broiler carcasses associated with human disease.

Consistent with specifications of CSREES project #0202316, collect samples in consultation with ADODR. Coordinate microbiological analysis of the samples with Institute for Experimental Pathology (Dr. Gunnarsson) and the Chief Veterinary Office of Iceland (Dr. Jarle Reiersen); assure samples are delivered in a timely manner at a chilled temperature. In cooperation with the National University Hospital of Iceland Clinical Microbiology Laboratory (Dr. Karl Kristinsen), provide isolates from human cases of campylobacteriosis and isolates from poultry and environmental sampling. Collect free fluids (weeps) of retail pack broler products from Campylobacter positive flocks and enumerate the organism. Assure isolates of Campylobacter are sent forward appropriately, prepared, packaged and, delivered to courier services paid for by the ADODR. Inform ADODR of the needs for specific expendable materials involved in the project in a timely manner. Obtain 18-20 fresh or frozen carcass rinses from each known positive process lots. Conduct up to 1,250 carcass estimations for levels of Campylobacter contamination using Campy-Cefex direct plate analyses. Additional approach will be to analyze 18-20 carcasses (frozen or fresh) from each process lot known to be Campylobacter-positive, Levels of contamination will be determined by rinsing the carcasses and plating dilutions onto Campy-Cefex plating medium.

Funding Source
Agricultural Research Service
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Risk Assessment, Management, and Communication