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Risk Factor Assessment of Salmonella Infection of Market Weight Pigs (9601579)

Bahnson, Peter
University of Illinois
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Salmonella reduction at the farm level is a stated goal of the USDA-FSIS. However, development of reduction strategies needs to be based on sound science. Success of these strategies will require control of multiple factors. Efforts should therefore be ranked so that efforts are focused on the most important factors. The purpose of the proposed study is to directly address these problems by studying commercial farms.We expect the results to aid the development of science-based Salmonella reduction strategies based on the stated principles of the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point program (HACCP).
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In addition, this work should help researchers set priorities for future research, since it will rank the risk factors by relative importance. Factors associated with occurrence of culture positive feces and lymph nodes will be calculated (as odds ratios). Fecal samples collected on the farms and tissues collected at slaughter. These will be cultured to detect the presence of Salmonella organisms. In addition, blood samples (sera) will be tested to detect the presence of antibody to Salmonella, an indicator of past infection. A detailed herd survey will document farm characteristics, including facility design, pig flow, sanitation, feed, and management practices.We will examine the risks for three outcomes: 1) Salmonella culture status of immediately before shipment to slaughter; 2) culture status of pigs at the time of slaughter; and 3) Salmonella spp. antibody status.
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Preventive Food Safety Systems
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