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Risk Modeling to Improve the Microbiological Safety of Poultry Products

Luchansky, John
USDA - Agricultural Research Service
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Identify and conduct research on critical control points affecting the microbiological contamination of poultry from grow-out through final consumer preparation, and to develop interventions and quantitative risk models to ensure food safety.
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Conduct grow-out, slaughter, and processing challenge and natural incidence studies to determine or verify critical control points to reduce occurrence of Salmonella, Campylobacter and other enteric pathogenic bacteria in chickens. Conduct intervention studies to reduce or eliminate pathogens in poultry products. Employ unit operation simulations with pathogen challenge studies and enumeration to model the growth, inhibition, or killing of bacterial pathogens. Develop quantitiative risk analyses using incidence data and growth/inhibition models.
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Agricultural Research Service
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Risk Assessment, Management, and Communication
Meat, Poultry, Game