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Rural Systems, Mississippi: National Center for Biodefense Communications

Okojie, Felix
Jackson State University
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The Project's principal goal will be to gather real-time human and animal health data, nationwide, for the performance of cross-discipline basic and applied research in human and animal health.

Supporting Objectives
The Center will also provide services to national public health, veterinarian and first responder communities by providing secure and reliable cross-sector messaging nationwide, and facilitate teaching at the university level in public health and veterinary science and informatics, despoliation technology and related subjects, focusing especially on minority students.

More information
NON-TECHNICAL SUMMARY: The National Center for Biodefense Communications for Rural America (the "NCBC") is a strategic initiative to bring to bear internet-based and spatial technologies for early detection of significant human and animal health events through basic and applied research, and to issue authorized, secure, non-public bioterror recipients. The NCBC is particularly focused on bioterror surveillance and event detection and response as to events originating in rural America.

APPROACH: The Center plans to form a collaborative public-private partnership with Mississippi State Department of Health officials, other universities, a non-profit corporation created to facilitate multi-state sharing of essential Homeland Security information, and an Alliance of technology firms, to accomplish the Project Goals and Objectives.

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Nat'l. Inst. of Food and Agriculture
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Microbiological Standards and Guidelines
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