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Salmonella Newport Infections in Dairy Cattle: Epidemiology and on-Farm Management

Love, Brenda
Pennsylvania State University
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  1. Define the ecology of S. Newport on dairy farms that have had a recent clinical episode of salmonellosis due to S. Newport (
  2. Analyze farm management practices at outbreak and control farms, and determine if management practices can be identified that are associated with prolonged persistence of the organism on a farm
  3. Disseminate information gained through this project to veterinarians, producers, and animal science students through extension programs and university courses.
More information
Using information from routine diagnostic submissions, identify dairy farms experiencing clinical disease due to S. Newport. Perform culture on all animals and environmental samples on those farms twice at six-month intervals. Administer a questionnaire to learn farm management practices. Analyze feed and feed components for protein levels; analyze sera from affected and healthy animals for immunoglobulin levels. Determine if feed quality is associated with persistence of the organism on a premise.

Multiple-antibiotic-resistant strains of Salmonella Newport are presently causing disease problems in dairy cattle and humans. This project will evaluate the ecology of S. Newport on dairy farms and determine if management practices can eliminate the organism.

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Nat'l. Inst. of Food and Agriculture
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Prevention and Control
Antimicrobial Resistance