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SCIENCE 4 BIOREG - Global Involvement of Public Research Scientists in Regulations of Bio-safety and Agricultural Biotechnology

Meulenbroeks, Kim
Delft University of Technology
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Science 4 BioReg aims to involve the public researchers in the EU as well as in developing countries, in discussions on international agreements and regulations on biotechnology, and will inform policy makers, regulators and the general public about the objectives and progress in public research in agricultural biotechnology. Science 4 BioReg will provide outreach to non-English speaking public researchers and will coordinate its activities with the project Biosafety Research Communication Network (BIOSAFENET).
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The project proposal addresses the growing gap between public sector life sciences in agricultural biotechnology on the one hand and regulatory policies and public perceptions on the other. Public research in modern biotechnology aims at solving problems in food and feed production, health care and environmental protection, in particular in developing countries. Developments in the public research sector in modern biotechnology are closely dependent on the design and implementation of the regulatory framework for genetically modified crops at the national, regional and global level. Modern biotechnology can contribute to solving these problems only if the regulatory frameworks are science based, predictable, transparent and balanced.

Not only the risks that go along with any technological innovation need to be addressed in governance but also the benefits need to be taken into account. To achieve this, it is crucial that policy makers, regulators and the general public are better informed about the objectives and progress in life sciences in agricultural biotechnology. Conversely, the public research sector itself needs to be informed about the developments in regulations relating to modern biotechnology and the implications for research, so as to be better aligned with broader policy developments for food security, environment protection and sustainable development.

For more information about this project, please visit the European Commission Food Quality and Safety in Europe or the SCIENCE 4 BIOREG Web sites.

Funding Source
European Commission
Project number
Food Defense and Integrity