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Serbia Animal Health Technical Assistance

Uhlenhopp, Eldon
Iowa State University
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These funds are supplemental to an ongoing program to strengthen the national veterinary services of Serbia through capacity building in the areas of international standards and diagnostic skills development. Specifically, these funds will be used to supplement the development of a training program in Biostatistics and Epidemiology.

Goal: To enhance capacity of the Veterinary Directorate by providing training for inspectors in analytical epidemiology and biostatistics and to provide background and content to professors at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine for possible inclusion in their veterinary curriculum or a relevant graduate program.

  1. Present a one- day technical assistance program as a kick off to a distance delivered 45 contact hour course in biostatistics and epidemiology.
  2. Evaluate capacity of the Veterinary Directorate to utilize biostatistics as an analytical component of the national animal health program in Serbia.
Expected Outcomes:
  1. Development of greater understanding of risk-based approaches to animal health programs in Serbia.
  2. Development of skills in the use of biostatistics in animal health programs in Serbia.
  3. Identification of topic areas for future technical assistance programs.
  4. Identification of veterinary curricular and continuing education collaborations with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in the area of risk analysis and epidemiology.
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Non-Technical Summary:
Veterinary services in Serbia experienced a period of nearly 20 years of isolation from the global veterinary community because of political situations. This has resulted in deficits in all facets of veterinary health care delivery in the country. One of the most significant areas needing strengthening within the national veterinary directorate is the ability to gather meaningful data regarding animal health and food safety, and the ability to interpret these data into actionable and effective directorate policy. Training of directorate veterinarians in biostatistics and epidemiology is a critical step in providing this national infrastructure.

Face to face presentations will be provided to initiate the program. Distance education technologies will be utilized to provide knowledge content. Exercises will be provided for participants to demonstrate content and skill mastery.

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Nat'l. Inst. of Food and Agriculture
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