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SoCal Farm to Table: Experiential Learning And Leadership Development In Direct Marketing, Food Safety, Urban And Community Agriculture

Fox, Aaron
California State Polytechnic University
Start date
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GOAL: To develop future leaders in direct marketing, food safety, and urban &community agriculture who will help guide urban farming to sustainable, safe, and profitable success in Southern California and across the globeProject Objectives to Reach this Goal:Ten students per year (40 in total) will participate in theSoCal Farm to Table (SFT) Ambassador program. This leadership development program will include a professional development class, a Food Safety Modernization Act training, and numerous experiential learning opportunites.SFT Ambassadors will participate in numerous volunteer opportunities on campus urban farming projects and with external project collaborators in the urban agriculture community. They will also recruit other students for these volunteer opportunities, and we will strive for 1,000 totalstudent volunteer hours per year.GOAL: Increased representation of underrepresented groups in FANH science careers.Project Objectives to Reach this Goal:We will offer ten opportunities per year for students to connect with and/orshadow project partners in government, non-profit, and business sectorsWe will recruit across campus and across Southern California for the SFT Ambassador Program and for the Urban and Community Agriculture minor at Cal Poly Pomona.The multi-disciplinary nature of this project will expose a diverse cohort of students toa wide variety of food, agriculture, natural resource, and human sciences careers. We will strive to talk with 1,000 students, recruit200 students, and enroll 65 students in the "Urban and Community Agriculture" minor over four years.
Funding Source
Nat'l. Inst. of Food and Agriculture
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Legislation and Regulations
Natural Toxins
Viruses and Prions
Bacterial Pathogens
Chemical Contaminants
Food Defense and Integrity