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Strengthening Food Technology Program at Fort Valley State University

Kannan, Govind; Park, Young
Fort Valley State University
Start date
End date
  1. Recruit sufficient number of students in food science/technology program to build a viable and strong academic program at Fort Valley State University.
  2. Build a strong State and nationally recognized food science/technology BS and MS programs at FVSU by upgrading instructional and laboratory facilities and resources to produce well trained competent graduates for gainful employment.
  3. Conduct workshops for high school teachers and students to provide hands-on training and experience for food processing and food safety toward hygienic production and handling of dairy and meat food products.
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NON-TECHNICAL SUMMARY: Strengthening Food Technology program at Fort Valley State University shall be accomplished by active recruitment and retention activities through financial assistance to the prospective undergraduate and graduate students. The project funds will enable the PI and Co-PIs to recruit new students, upgrade instructional facilities and conduct workshops and hands-on-training for students and high school teachers.

Objective 1: Increase the number of enrolled students to at least 10 undergraduate students and 5 graduate students in food science/technology section in Animal Science program at FVSU by providing financial assistance in the form of work study for undergraduate and assistantship for graduate students. The PI/Co-PI/Co-Investigator will actively pursue recruitment activities for new students using Web-based advertisements, promotional program materials and active site visitations to local high school and college campuses. Student assistants hired through this project will also actively participate in recruitment activities.

Objective 2: Build up a strong institutional capacity for training and producing highly skilled and well prepared graduates by providing necessary state-of-the-art upgraded instructional training facilities and laboratory equipment to provide practical hands-on training in the classes and laboratories. Every effort will be made by the PI and Co-PIs to modernize facilities and secure the necessary food processing and analytical equipment for the program.

Objective 3: Conduct annual workshops during summer or certain selected times for high school teachers and students to provide hands-on experience in dairy and meat manufacturing techniques, which will serve local communities for food processing and safety education as well as make an effective recruiting channel for our food science/technology programs at FVSU. Workshop participants will be invited from the local high schools in surrounding middle Georgia counties (Peach, Houston and Bibb) and throughout the state, who will be potential candidates for recruiting to our Food Science/Technology program.

Funding Source
Nat'l. Inst. of Food and Agriculture
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