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Strengthening FSMA Agricultural water outreach and education for produce growers in Kansas and Missouri

Nwadike, L.
Kansas State University
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The overarching goals of this project are a) to improve the safety of produce grown in KS and MO and thus reduce foodborne illness related to produce, improving public health and b) improve market access for KS and MO produce growers through increased FSMA compliance and demonstrated use of safe practices. The short-term goal of this project is to further educate and provide outreach to produce farmers in KS and MO related to water quality. To accomplish this goal, the following objectives are envisaged:1) Develop and administer a survey for KS and MO produce growers to learn more about their knowledge and current practices related to water quality;2) Conduct a pilot study to trace the sources of generic Escherichia coli found in five ponds used for produce irrigation;3) Establish demonstration systems at two farms to validate and educate on controlled treatment methods for surface water for post-harvest use;4) Based on the results of the survey, pilot, and demonstration systems, develop training materials and training modules to help KS and MO produce growers, as well as all North Central region growers in general, better understand the importance of and the procedures for monitoring and improving water quality in produce; and5) Provide cost-free water testing to KS and MO produce growers to enhance understanding of their water quality.
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Nat'l. Inst. of Food and Agriculture
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Escherichia coli
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Bacterial Pathogens