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Surveillance And/or Diagnosis of Diseases and Problems Affecting Production Animals

Hill, JO, E.; van Olphen, AL; Smith, DO
Clemson University
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Goals / ObjectivesThe goal is to address, at least in part, the gap in information related to the presence and possible impact of antimicrobialresistance (AMR) in enteric organisms in terms of prevalence and phenotypic patterns of resistance of chickens in SouthCarolina.Objective 1: To identify E. coli, salmonella and enterococcus from ceca of chickens presented to CVDC for necropsyObjective 2: To perform antimicrobial sensitivity testing (AST) and serotyping when appropriate of E. coli, salmonella andenterococcus.Objective 3: To analyze the data, compare with data in the NARMS reports, and communicate findings through variousmechanisms.
Funding Source
Nat'l. Inst. of Food and Agriculture
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Bacterial Pathogens
Meat, Poultry, Game