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Survival of Fecal Organisms and Indicators in Agricultural Soils Amended with Raw Manure

Millner, Patricia
University of Maryland - Eastern Shore
Start date
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Conduct controlled environmental studies to: 1) compare survival of manure-borne pathogens with surrogates; and 2) develop a baseline reference of pathogen and surrogate survival in manure-amended soils for comparison to field survival, accounting for environmental effects. Conduct field studies to evaluate survival of surrogates in raw manure-amended soils used for growing fresh produce. Contribute to development of a systematized protocol to determine safe practices for use of raw manure as a soil amendment in the production of fresh fruits and vegetables in a manner compliant with safety standards of the Food Drug and Cosmetics Act, and mandates put forth in the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2011.
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Agricultural Research Service
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